Located below Pops for Champagne—the wildly popular champagne bar going strong in Chicago for more than 30 years now—Watershed is a certain change of pace for River North. A parlour room dedicated to the ever-growing field of craft beers, artisanal spirits, and even a few fine wines, all from the Great Lakes region and surrounds, it is an engaging, comfortable, and dynamic nightspot, offering respite from current trends and the passing fads they too often become.

Dreamt up by long time Pops managers, W. Craig Cooper and Gregg Anglebrandt, Watershed gives a nod to both the rich resources of the region and Chicago’s history as their natural point of convergence. It’s a relaxed room, friendly to conversation, where you can enjoy a craft beer bottled just a few hours away, or a classic cocktail composed of spirits made in your own neighborhood. We also offer a menu of delicious small plates and bites, as well as charcuterie and local cheeses.

Our ambition is a warm and approachable hospitality; our people here are much more than bartenders and servers, they are your hosts for the night and we want you to feel especially welcome in our new home. In short, Watershed is a spot dedicated to the details that make a night out drinking and eating with friends truly enjoyable, a spot you never knew you’d love.
We hope to see you soon.